Academic Background

Laurie McRobert received her Ph.D. from McGill University in l986 in Philosophy of Religion. She taught philosophy courses there and was a discussion leader at Thomas More Institute for Adult Education in Montreal where she was one of the directors for eight years. She is still affiliated with the Institute.

Since it is the discernment of dynamics that interests her, she addresses them from perspectives that range from philosophy to the visual brain. Her interests in this area developed while working toward her Ph.D. on Emil Fackenheim's philosophy and his deep concern with the dynamics of radical evil during the Holocaust.

She has published essays and articles in books on Emil Fackenheim's philosophy; on Derrida and Hegel; on Virtual Reality Dynamics, and other topics some of which are listed below.

Her first book, Char Davies' Immersive Virtual Art and the Essence of Spatiality, published by the University of Toronto Press in 2007 had to do with the 3D virtual artistic immersive dynamics experienced by people (immersants) wearing Headmounted Display units (HMDs) when they are immersed in Char Davies' digital art.

Her second book, Apprearances: Genetic Mythology and Cosmic Instincts, published by Createspace, Charlston, SC, 2011, challenges the present concepts of spactime. In it she combines physics, biology, cosmic instincts and philosophy and asks the question: are the phenomena humans see merely projections of the imagination or are they part of a bigger cosmic force?

Her third book published in 2013, Emil Fackenheim's Quest: From Philosophy to Prophetic Theology examines the corpus of Fackenheim's thought. It deals with the important issues of radical evil, the Holocaust and the secular-religious nature of Israel.

Her latest book published March 2014 is "Surviving Life: A Memoir".

She lives in Toronto, Ontario and is presently working on a book entitled "Getting to Heaven".

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